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GPS Fleet Tracking

Ironclad Benefits:

Improved scheduling

Efficient route planning

Accurate billing

Better communication

Reduced fleet costs

Improved security

Better response times

Accurate reporting

Timely invoicing

Installation, Use & Benefits Of GPS Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

A GPS tracking device is installed into each vehicle and sends information to the Ironclad server. It includes information such as:

  • Location information
  • Mileage travelled
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • The system also enables the use of Geofencing to set up custom locations and can produce vehicle reports with the above information.

Overview of Vehicle Fleet Tracking

After an electronic tracker device is installed in a vehicle (or vehicles) - be it a truck, van, motorbike or car - GPS technology and purpose-designed computer software enable the vehicle's location to be tracked, as well as other information about it. This information can then be viewed via the Internet.

The Ironclad GPS Tracking solution for fleet tracking transmits information via the New Zealand cellular network about each vehicle and stores it onto a dedicated server.

When a user accesses their Ironclad User Account, they can view all this information in easy-to-read formats including historical data. This is a web-based system and as it is hosted and stored securely on Ironclad's GPS tracking servers, there is no need to install, download or update any software.

Benefits of Using GPS Fleet Tracking

There are many advantages for a business of knowing where, at any given moment, its vehicle fleet is located. These include greater efficiencies, better communications and better customer service including:

  • Improved scheduling and efficient route planning
  • More accurate billing
  • Better (and more effortless) communication between drivers and their base
  • Reduced fleet costs - fuel, wear and tear and unnecessary detours
  • Improved security for vehicles and staff
  • Optimum levels of customer service with better response times, accurate reporting and timely invoicing.

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